(Video) Unlikely accident ends contest, results in competitor denouncing Dagestani origins

Dagestan has built up a reputation as a stronghold for combat sports. While all of Russia has an intimidating reputation in individual sports, Dagestan is particularly distinguished when it comes to Boxing, Wrestling, Sambo and even MMA.

While we all know about Khabib Nurmagomedov, Islam Makhachev and members of their camp, not many are aware that a recent viral accident involved another Dagestani MMA pro.

The man in question is Gadzhi Navruzov. Navruzov has been competing in Boxing and bareknuckle boxing and has amassed a record of 7 wins prior to facing Fernando Rodrigues Jr.

At the event a peculiar scene took place.

During a REN TV  event, Navruzov was kickboxing against Rodrigues Jr. but in the middle of the very first round he suffered an odd injury. Navruzov received a calf kick that put him off balance.

He fell swiftly, but in the fall crushed his arm behind himself in a way that was sure to need surgery.

Luckily the ref intervened swiftly and prevented the injured Navruzov from taking further damage.

Navruzov promptly had surgery and announced he no longer considered himself Dagestani. As per sport-express.ru:

“Well, I injured my hand, but I don’t know how I injured it. In my opinion, after the left [hit] from the side. I don’t know if I fell or what. Low kick missed, right? I don’t get upset at all. I will just have time to fill my entire chest [with tattoos].”

While this may sound peculiar, it’s highly unusual statement coming out of someone from Dagestan. Tattoos are considered sacrilege among Muslims in Dagestan. Navruzov previously got a pagan symbol tattooed on the center of his chest and many Dagestanis including viral sensation Hasbulla publicly called for him to renounce citizenship.

Martial arts. February 17, 2023. Minsk. “Fight club” Ren TV ” Fernando Rodriguez vs Gadzhi Navruzov. Photo by Eduard Kornienko / Izvestia

“I no longer represent Dagestan, leave me alone! I will no longer appear in Dagestan, I no longer represent them. A lot of messages for my tattoo. You can rejoice, everything is fine with me. You wished that something happened to me, so you can rejoice. I no longer represent Dagestan”

It turns out he suffered a fracture of the left forearm with a dislocation.

“Information came that the bone was broken in several places. As I see in the picture, the fragments are in two places. Doctors at the clinic said they were seeing such an injury for the first time. They say that we urgently need to send him to Moscow for an operation, ” – said Ruslan Krivusha, coach of Navruzov.

This is reminiscent of a similar case that happened just last month.

Marcin Wrzosek aka ‘The Polish Zombie’ took on Piotr Szeliga on February 3. The pair competed within Poland-based MMA promotion Fame MMA, where they were featured on the main card.

Both athletes gave their all as soon as the match started. They tussled mostly on their feet, exchanging punches and kicks with each other. But, entering the second minute, an unfortunate incident happened.

Szeliga delivered a vicious calf kick that landed right on Wrzosek’s left calf. The impact was so strong that Wrzosek’s leg got bounced, making the 35-year-old lose balance and fall. He reflected and used his left hand to touch the canvas while falling, but got his arm broken in the process.