(Video) Undersized wrestler takes on two people at the same time

As of late there are a lot of MMA promotion eager to participate in stunts. But this is probably because the never ending cycle of viral street altercations is around.

A clip that recently surfaced showcases a young wrestler without his shirt on. He’s stockier in build and goes to confront his two ‘enemies’ on the sidewalk.

It’s unclear what caused a conflict between the three – and despite his smaller stature the two men are initially reluctant to engage.

Some MMA fans went so far as to dub this Khamzat Chimaev vs Masvidal & Covington pre breakup which is sort of a funny way to look at it. For those unaware, Masvidal and Covington were longtime friends and roommates at American Top Team – this is of course prior to Covington’s decision to play the heel and alienate everyone on the team – which led to him getting kicked out.

In the video it can be seen that the wrestler catches the sloppy kick from one of the men – and promptly floors him. Leaving him available to deal with the other man.

He handles both with a lot of bravado.

Considering how the wrestler was eager for a conflict and his two counterparts weren’t it’s not really  a surprise it didn’t end well for them.

One fan notes:

“That’s how most of these go, one guy wanting to fight and the other not really. I’ve made that mistake before and got my s**t rocked.”

Others went so far as to poke fun at the wrestler’s short frame:

“Never underestimate the furor of a short man”

“A short man with a low center of gravity and quite a bit of weight. That’s a dangerous combo for most types of combat, but that builds tailored for wrestling.” another commenter wrote.