(Video) Undefeated UFC star competes against Boxer on Punch machine and loses

Undefeated UFC star Shavkat Rakhmonov was on hand last night at an event in Kazakhstan. Rakhmonov is a Kazakh professional mixed martial artist. He currently competes in the Welterweight division in the UFC and is ranked at number 10 in the division. His MMA record stands at 16 wins and 0 losses.

Rakhmonov was at Naiza 46 tournament along with undefeated boxer Sadriddin Akhmedov. Akhmedov has a boxing record consisting of 12 wins and no losses. He hails out of Kazakhstan also.

The two had a friendly competition set up between them – a carnival punch machine was on hand to measure their striking prowess. While these machines are rather gimmicky the bragging right for the best punch at the UFC PI belongs to Francis Ngannou. Francis Ngannou created the world record for the hardest punch.

Francis Ngannou scored a recorded a punch of 129,161 units, which surpassed the previous record held by kickboxer Tyrone Spong.

Akhmedov (12-0) pulled up in a suit and destroyed the record set on the machine. Predictably, Rakhmonov scored lower. This is in part because he heavily relies on his wrestling in his professional career.

Rakhmonov is booked to face Geoff Neal at first event of 2023. The two are set to meet Jan. 14 at a location and venue to be announced, but likely to be the UFC Apex in Las Vegas.  ESPN first reported the news.

Many anticipate Rakhmonov as a big challenge for Chimaev – who didn’t take to the comparison.

‘Borz’ was not amused. He commented on a Rakhmonov quote pic bluntly “Who’s that chump?!”

 “Let him say it to my face, not in comments. We’ll talk when we see each other. I’ve nothing against him. We’re just opponents and I’m not gonna insult him. I’m not gonna insult his family or nation. We’ll fight one day and then see who’s better.”