(Video) UFC’s Urijah Faber competes in USA Freestyle Wrestling tournament

UFC legend Urijah Faber recently surprised everyone when he showed up at the 2022 Masters Nationals Div. C 70 kg freestyle.

Faber has been semi-retired for a while now – he hasn’t competed at all 2016 through 2019 when he made a come bac against Ricky Simon. He then went on to lose to Petr Yan but is reportedly still in the USADA pool. Besides his MMA career – Faber also spearheads Team Alpha Male.

Uriah Faber closed out his semifinal match at Veterans Nationals with a takedown for an 8-0 win. Faber was on hand after to answer a couple of questions.

“What a great experience, you know.”

He added: “I obviously haven’t been in the wrestling game a long time, but my conditioning and mentality is there, so…”

“It was great to go against the guy at that level, he obviously takes it seriously. Very dedicated. So I’m glad. The hard work for him paid off.”

He also talked a little bit about his goals:
“I had a great time, I was able to dig deep I think representative for my guys and had a good time.”

“And I love wrestling wrestling. I hope hopefully brought some more attention here. Yeah.”

He later concluded: “Anyways, all my guys were coming out. So I said, Hey, let me get in there and, and mix it up. So I really had a great time. And, you know, go back to the second place the Nationals. It’s my first time in 20 years, it’s not too bad.”