(Video) UFC’s Terrance McKinney watches street altercation, is staggered with level of MMA skill he sees

Many MMA aces outline the differences between mixed martial arts and unregulated settings. While MMA appears quite comprehensive and scary to an outside observer there’s actually quite a bit of regulation that was introduced in the sport in order to make it palatable for mainstream audiences.

One thing in particular makes the difference between premium promotion and fake it till you make it wannabe promotion – adequate matchmaking.

This is another factor in why unregulated brawls are so dangerous, you never know how skilled, how big or how mean your opponent will be.

UFC’s Terrance McKinney recently dug up an older clip that showcased the critical importance martial arts skills have in these types of scenarios.

In the clip, we can observe two men grappling on the ground. The bottom guy, has a closed guard. To anyone that knows jiu-jitsu it will be apparent that’s a dominant position but that probably won’t be a fact someone with no martial arts experience knows – even if they saw an occasional UFC clip here and there.

From the get go we observe the bottom guy skillfully manipulate his opponent, whether it be from grabbing head control or from the smoothness of his transitions.

We quickly spot him opening the guard and starting to transition. While common practice from here would be to setup armbar/triangle combo, he tries to go for a gogoplata.

Gogoplata is a choke made famous by Nate Diaz during his clash with Takanori Gomi. It generally falls into low percentage tecniques and can compromise ligament on the knee of the man applying it.

Seeing the resistance the man from the bottom transitions to an armbar variation instead and expertly immobilizes the limb.

At this point, his opponent is entirely at his mercy.

Seeing as how armbar control is slipping he instead switches to going for an omoplata. Omoplata is a type of a shoulder lock that’s exceptionally rarely seen in MMA because it’s very hard to maintain control with the degree of sweatiness typical MMA athletes have during the contest.

Seeing as how his opponent refuses to surrender things escalate from there.