(Video) UFC’s Sean Strickland takes on two guys at the same time in latest stunt

UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland is no stranger to taking a unique approach when it comes to sparring sessions in the gym. However, even the most ardent MMA fans were caught off guard when Strickland decided to challenge himself by taking on two opponents simultaneously within the confines of the gym cage.

This Saturday in Las Vegas, Strickland is set to face Abus Magomedov in a highly anticipated UFC Fight Night headliner. Following a triumphant victory over Nassourdine Imavov earlier this year, Strickland aims to continue his ascent up the middleweight ranks.

Strickland is known for pushing the boundaries of acceptable banter on social media. But his recent remarks about women and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have landed him in hot water, generating controversy and backlash.

Unquestionably tough within the Octagon, Strickland has repeatedly demonstrated his prowess against his opponents. He actively shares videos of his sparring sessions on social media, engaging in bouts against teammates, trolls, and even boxers.

In a recent Instagram post, Strickland provided a glimpse into an extraordinary 2 vs. 1 sparring session featuring none other than UFC middleweight Chris Curtis. Sharing this unique training experience, Strickland captioned the post: “Is this the best way to train for a fight? No….is it the most fun…yes…UFC, PFL vs. CTE”

Having secured victories in seven of his last nine UFC matches since transitioning to middleweight, Strickland has captured the attention of prominent competitors like Israel Adesanya. With a few more wins under his belt, Strickland could potentially find himself competing for a coveted championship title.

Strickland’s path to success may be quite weird, as his most recent sparring match has shown. Regardless of personal opinions, it’s evident that Strickland possesses an insatiable appetite for testing his limits both inside and outside the cage.

As he prepares to face Abus Magomedov in the upcoming UFC Fight Night, the MMA world eagerly awaits another exhilarating display of Strickland’s skills and unwavering determination.