(Video) UFC’s Michael Chandler dons an ice mask and delivers funny speech to sons

Michael Chandler made a fantastic impression at UFC 281 despite having lost to Dustin Poirier.

Chandler has been anything but strategic in his outing – which resulted in a number of bruises and injuries after all was said and done.

Chandler is at home, nursing his injuries in an ice mask. At which point he decided to deliver and video a speech directed at his two boys regarding the injuries he received in his defeat to Dustin Poirier at UFC 281.

Poirier submitted former championship contender Chandler in the third round of their competitive lightweight contest at Madison Square Garden in New York. The early exchanges were won by Chandler. He eventually had Poirier facing the fence after striking a powerful combination that led to a takedown.

Although Chandler was able to rebound after being struck by Poirier’s powerful right hand in the second round, he was finally overcome by a rear-naked choke in the third. I

n a video that Chandler shared on Instagram, he described his wounds to his two boys while using an ice mask to lessen facial swelling.

Chandler said,

“Well sons it appears that your father has engaged in another spectacular hand-to-hand combat at UFC 281 in New York City. Now, a couple of things I’d like to point out. My right foot is extremely swollen, now part of that is the altitude coming on the plane coming back.”

“Secondly, my face has stitches, two black eyes and a lot of swelling. I would like to say, I would not engage in this profession that your father has chosen although it does provide a wonderful life for you. End of story, god bless and see you at the top.”

This isn’t the first time Chandler had a funny interaction with his sons after a UFC outing. Previously Chandler was perhaps even worse off, after facing Justin Gaethje at UFC 268. The bruising was obvious right after the clash.

However it ended up getting even worse the day after – which is how one of Chandler’s sons couldn’t even recognize him after.

Michael Chandler has had an interesting personal life. Chandler reportedly married Brie Willet after emailing for over two years. The two would go on to get married in 2014 and adopt a child together in 2017.

The couple went on to adopt a second child in April 2022, their son Ace.

Michael Chandler was very active in 2022 and his career was booming in UFC despite suffering losses from Justin Gaethje and Charles Oliveira.

He would go on to take part in a number of interviews to promote his career. Among them was Food Truck Diaries – a Brendan Schaub show. During an episode Schaub went on to ask the following of Chandler:

“Are they from Africa?”

Chandler deserves all the credit here for keeping a straight face because it’s quite impressive. We’re willing to bet his acting chops trump many of the MMA pros turned actors nowadays.