(Video) UFC’s Kai Kara-France punches himself to the face

In a highly anticipated showdown at UFC Vegas 74, Kai Kara-France and Amir Albazi engaged in a thrilling five-round battle that left spectators on the edge of their seats. However, amidst the intensity of the action, Kara-France found himself in an unexpectedly comical situation when he inadvertently landed a powerful blow on his own face.

After suffering a defeat against Brandon Moreno in 2022, Kara-France aimed to bounce back in this pivotal flyweight clash. Unfortunately, the judges’ scorecards ultimately favored Albazi, who emerged victorious via a split decision.

Although some fans strongly believe that Kara-France exhibited dominance throughout the bout and should have emerged as the winner, the official outcome stood in Albazi’s favor.

While many discussions revolved around the match’s result, an eagle-eyed fan spotted a moment that added a touch of humor to the intense showdown. During the third round, as Albazi secured a hold on Kara-France from behind, the New Zealander attempted to strike back in self-defense.

The first attempt connected successfully, but the second swing veered off course, causing Kara-France to inadvertently strike his own face. The impact was palpable, and Kara-France’s expression revealed the pain he experienced from the self-inflicted blow.

Surprisingly, such incidents of competitors hitting themselves during combat sports bouts are more common than one might assume. In the heat of the moment, with numerous variables at play, these accidental mishaps occasionally become unavoidable. In a notable example, WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury once landed an uppercut on his own face in a previous fight. Adding to the humor, his opponent didn’t even need to evade the blow.

Another instance worth mentioning occurred in 2021 when UFC welterweight star Gilbert Burns inadvertently struck himself during his match against Stephen Thompson. The impact of his own punch sent him to the canvas, yet he managed to recover and secure a victory via unanimous decision.

These amusing incidents remind us that even the most skilled men can encounter unforeseen mishaps inside the octagon or boxing ring. While they may momentarily take away from the serious nature of combat sports, they also serve as a reminder of the unexpected and unpredictable moments that can arise during intense competition.