(Video) UFC’s Jon Anik Hilariously Commentates A Lizard vs A Rat In Singapore

Commentators using their skillset to commentate on viral videos is a time honored tradition. While Joe Rogan frequently commentates wild life duels on his podcast, Jon Anik recently tried his hand at commentating wild life.

Anik is in Singapore, preparing for UFC 275. While the card is a PPV card, neither Joe Rogan or Dana White will be on hand. While Rogan scaled down UFC appearances some years back due to jetlag and other difficulties, White is confirmed to be in Florida, celebrating his son’s 21st birthday.

“It’s my son’s 21st birthday this weekend,” White told Spinnin’ Backfist MMA Show. “We’re starting out [in Las Vegas], me and my son are gonna gamble for the first time on his birthday on Thursday then we’re flying down to Miami for the weekend. Caesar’s Palace baby, it’s the best casino in town. Even if they kick me out I’ll still be telling you they’re the best in town.”

Nowadays majority of the commentating team comes from within the organization. Jon Anik is a departure from that rule along with Rogan and Laura Sanko. Anik does the ad reads throughout the matches and is known for making the occasional offputting comment about an athlete’s private life.

Despite the absence it’s been talked about UFC wanting to do more cards in Asia. With the release of UFC’s revenue report it’s become apparent that the Covid induced lay off made the demand for live event attendance skyrocket.

Meanwhile in Asia, Jon Anik clad in a UFC Pride month tee shirt offered some interesting insight into a duel between a lizard and a rat.