(Video) UFC’s Chris Curtis has a wild reaction in Dolidze’s corner prompting Imavov to call him out

A recent incident involving an illegal strike by Nassourdine Imavov during a match with Roman Dolidze has garnered widespread attention on social media, particularly due to the reaction from Dolidze’s corner, led by Chris Curtis.

The highly anticipated UFC FN 235 unfolded on February 3 at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, showcasing thrilling performances from athletes. However, it was the main event clash between Roman Dolidze and Nassourdine Imavov that stole the spotlight.

The bout was characterized by intense exchanges from the outset, with Imavov displaying remarkable striking prowess. Despite Dolidze’s resilience, Imavov maintained superiority throughout the match, nearly securing a first-round finish before encountering formidable resistance.

Controversy erupted in the fourth round when Imavov executed an illegal head kick while Dolidze’s hand remained grounded, prompting referee Herb Dean to intervene swiftly. Amidst the chaos, a tense confrontation unfolded between Imavov and Chris Curtis, a former opponent of Dolidze, who was present in his corner.

The altercation prompted the referee to intervene, warning Imavov and threatening disqualification if his behavior persisted. Fortunately, the situation did not escalate further, though tensions remained palpable.

Subsequently, a video capturing the reaction of Dolidze’s corner circulated on social media, depicting the team’s readiness to enter the octagon before being halted by security personnel.

Following the illegal strike, Dolidze was granted additional time to recover, while Imavov faced a deduction of one point. Despite the setback, Imavov maintained control until the final round, ultimately securing victory via majority decision.

The incident reignited interest in the history between Curtis and Imavov, who previously clashed in the octagon. Although their initial encounter ended in a no-contest due to an accidental clash of heads, both fighters have since achieved notable victories, setting the stage for a potential rematch in the future.