(Video) UFC’s Charles Jourdain trolls internet hater

In the age of social media, it’s possible to criticize anyone without having to face them. This is particularly common in combat sports – where even the least athletic pros would surpass your typical couch potato.

Internet trolls are an every day occurrence nowadays.

MMA fighters react in a variety of ways to online trolls. While some choose to get into them via text, others (like UFC welterweight Kevin Holland) invite them to visit their gyms and give them a taste of their own medicine.

Some fighters just troll them back.

Recently, Charles Jourdain had a bit of fun when a troll decided to knock his skills.

“U are nothing special man”

Jourdain then took a screenshot and shared it on his Instagram story.

After that, he took a peek at the troll’s account and decided to have some fun. The troll’s account is dedicated to a gym equipment store in Bahrain.

‘Air Jourdain’ then sent a voice note to the account, trolling the owner mercilessly.

“Hello, my friend, this is Charles Jourdain and you just sent me a message on Instagram. I’m interested in your product, you told me I’m not special but your product seem special. It’s look like an instrument you j*rked off and get better at it. And yeah, I’d like to j*rking people, so where can I buy, my friend?”


Despite that, it’s never fun to see a fighter mocking your product as a j*rking instrument to his thousands of followers.

Jourdain is currently preparing for his upcoming bout against Shane Burgos at UFC on ABC 3 next month.

Whatever the training he’s doing, we’re pretty sure that he won’t be using the “j*rking instrument” like the one he trolled.