(Video) UFC veteran reacts to scrap plot comparing it to a movie

It seems like more and more people are unwilling to resolve conflicts peacefully, that or there’s an abundance of phone cameras around.

This next case got a rise out of former UFC champ Michael Bisping who shared his take on the action.

Video went viral overnight and amassed more than 3 million views. It’s rumored to be tied to a man who bullied the brother of his opponent in the video and caused some mental turmoil.

We can see the two clearly gearing for a conflict from the get go. In fact the two even went outside seemingly to deal with their issue.

The man in blue isn’t joking around, he lands one and quickly disables his opponent from providing any type of an intelligent response.

He promptly plants face down into a lawn at which point he receives some more punishment. His shoes appear off and discarded from the initial exchange.

The other man seems content with his vendetta and angrily walks back inside as he recuperates on the lawn.

Due to provided context, UFC veteran MIchael Bisping compared it to a classic film “Dead Man’s Shoes”.

Plot of the movie explores the tragic story of two brothers, their bond, and their fate in a small, bleak Derbyshire town. Set against the backdrop of a local gang, this story is a powerful exploration of brotherhood, revenge, and redemption.

That being said, let’s not kid ourselves. This is likely fanfiction and more than likely Bisping accurately identified the summary as a play on a movie. Not much is known about the actual incident so it’s hard to say where it left of.

But unlike in many other instances, the damage seemed temporary and like something that wouldn’t be hard to overcome.