(Video) UFC veteran Cowboy Oliveira gets submitted by a nasty front guillotine

MMA veteran Alexander Shlemenko left fans in awe with an impressive performance during a recent MMA event. Shlemenko showcased his prowess by dominating Alex Oliveira and securing a swift submission victory in the first round, all under two minutes.

Despite never stepping into the UFC octagon, Alexander Shlemenko has made a significant impact in mixed martial arts. The 39-year-old Russian star gained recognition through his remarkable performances in various MMA promotions, particularly in Bellator MMA.

Shlemenko embarked on his MMA journey in 2004 and faced numerous formidable opponents. His career reached its zenith in 2013 when he achieved an outstanding feat of 9 consecutive wins. In a match against Maiquel Falcão at Bellator 88, Shlemenko competed for the vacant middleweight championship and emerged victorious by knocking out Falcao in the second round, ultimately claiming the coveted title.

Subsequently, he successfully defended the belt three times before relinquishing it to Tito Ortiz in 2014. Although he continued to compete in Bellator MMA, Shlemenko eventually parted ways with the promotion in 2018. Since then, he has been actively participating in local promotions in his home country, Russia.

Recently, Shlemenko returned to the cage at Shlemenko FC (SFC) where he faced former UFC star Alex Oliveira in the headline event at SFC 8. The thrilling bout took place on July 21 in Omsk, Russia.

From the very start of the match, Shlemenko asserted his dominance over Oliveira, quickly gaining control. Despite Oliveira’s proficiency in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Shlemenko managed to outmatch him with relentless pressure.

As the action transitioned to the ground, Shlemenko skillfully locked Oliveira in a tight guillotine choke. Despite Oliveira’s attempts to escape, he ultimately had to tap out, securing Shlemenko’s victory in a swift fashion.

With this remarkable win, Alexander Shlemenko returned to the win column after previously enduring two losses and one draw. His impressive record now stands at 62 wins, 15 losses, and 1 draw.

On the other hand, Alex Oliveira had to contend with a devastating loss following a previous spectacular victory where he knocked out Stefan Sekulić. Oliveira’s career trajectory has been less favorable, as he suffered four consecutive losses before departing from the UFC last year. Subsequently, he has achieved a mixed record of 3 wins, 3 losses, and 1 draw in various promotions.

Alexander Shlemenko’s recent performance proves that he remains a formidable force in the world of MMA, and fans can look forward to witnessing more captivating displays of his martial arts prowess in the future.