(Video) UFC twerker divides audience twerking ‘bottoms up’ in front of son

Ailin Perez not only secured a hard-fought victory against Lucie Pudilova at UFC Vegas 82 but also set the internet ablaze with her celebration. While judges unanimously scored the battle 29-27, 29-28, and 29-28 in Perez’s favor, it was her unique celebration that stole the spotlight.


Breaking away from the conventional rituals, Perez showcased her entertainment side by treating the audience to a lively twerk celebration inside the Octagon. The unexpected and enthusiastic performance quickly became a viral sensation, spreading across various social media platforms.

However, the twerking incident was not without controversy. The broadcast faced criticism for an abrupt transition, cutting from Ailin Perez’s child’s reaction to her twerking in front of the commentators. The incident sparked debates about broadcast decency and sensitivity.

Despite the mixed reactions from fans, one thing is undeniable – Ailin Perez has etched her name in UFC history with an unforgettable moment. The blend of competence and fun ensures Perez will remain in the limelight, creating a lasting connection between her name and this distinctive celebration.

Social Media Reacts to Ailin Perez’s Celebration

The aftermath of UFC Vegas 82 extended beyond the Octagon as Ailin Perez’s post-fight celebration became a hot topic on social media. Fan reactions varied widely, underscoring the subjective nature of responses to such unconventional displays. Here are some of the diverse reactions from fight fans:

“UFC when your family walks in the room” – Him.
“Me in the crowd at the apex during that” – Willie Beamen’s Burner Account.
“Yes sir🔥👀” – Quan.
“Sad. I miss the traditional martial art mentality of honor and respect. This is what we’re getting for the improvement of fight skills over time? Embarrassing.” – Real_Jay_Truth.
“What was her homeboy doing?” – Key 🔑.

As social media continues to play a pivotal role in shaping narratives around MMA events, discussions about professional conduct inside the Octagon are inevitable. Ailin Perez’s celebration has sparked conversations about the evolving dynamics between fan involvement, fighter expressions, and the influence of social media in the world of mixed martial arts.