(Video) UFC Middleweight goes viral after a clip in which he helps his opponent with a mouth piece resurfaces

In an amazing video, an MMA ace graciously returned his opponent’s mouthpiece before punching him again.

Middleweight Dricus Du Plessis put his opponent in a ground-and-pound position on the canvas. He was prepared to win the battle and was getting ready to finish him. However, he saw that the other man’s mouthpiece had come out during their struggle.

Du Plessis seized the mouthpiece and reinserted it for his adversary. South African then resumed beating him after determining that his opponent was fine.

We’ve seen instances in which an opponent profited from a mouth guard falling out, but Du Plessis’ actions seem to be exceptional. This has led to moment going viral again on social media.

Du Plessis has won titles in the middleweight and welterweight weight classes of the Extreme FC.

The 28-year-old also won the welterweight title in the Polish MMA promotion KSW and has only lost twice in his 20 outings.

Du Plessis is now in UFC and has been racking up a series of interesting performances. He last competed at UFC 282 in December against Darren Till.

After four consecutive victories, Du Plessis has moved up to the tenth spot in the UFC middleweight rankings. His next match is scheduled to be on March 4 at 285 against Derek Brunson.