(Video) UFC middleweight comments on video of alleged thief handled, vigilante style

Recently a video went viral amassing over 16 million views in less than a day. The video shows an alleged thief, receiving a type of corporal punishment from the diligent members of a neighborhood.

The would be criminal was clearly caught in the act by a group of adults who then opted to exact revenge over calling the authorities.

Instead of a criminal charge, the man in question was to get belted next to a car while the group hung onto him in order to prevent him from getting away.

This kind of thing isn’t ideal and can backfire badly considering the gravity of injuries you can cause inadvertently.

Anyone training martial arts knows that human beings are both incredibly rough and incredibly fragile and a tremendous part of the physical exchange you can have with them depends on circumstance and a large number of variables.

The man was to get belted about 20 or so times and was clearly feeling the affects by the end of it.

This kind of punishment is still apart of law in some countries.

Caning is a widely used form of corporal punishment in Singapore. It can be divided into several contexts: judicial, prison, reformatory, military, school, and domestic. These practices of caning as punishment were introduced during the period of British colonial rule in Singapore as per wikipedia.

“Of these, judicial caning is the most severe. It is applicable to only male convicts under the age of 50 for a wide range of offences under the Criminal Procedure Code, up to a maximum of 24 strokes per trial. Always ordered in addition to a prison sentence, it is inflicted by specially trained prison staff using a long and thick rattan cane on the prisoner’s bare buttocks in an enclosed area in the prison.”

Singapore has not signed or ratified a number of international human rights treaties which prohibit the use of corporal punishment.

Some believe that this type of punishment is a stronger deterrent than what most of modern world uses to date.

UFC Middleweight Derek Brunson seemed to approve of the viral video going so far as to add his own comment saying:

“My boy gonna think twice next time 😂”