(Video) UFC merch didn’t stop this guy from getting whooped

For a long time there’s been a lot of stigma attached to UFC merch. Martial arts in general attract a lot of people who just want to portray themselves as better than others – this is why people often lie.

One of the common lies are ‘I train UFC’ which is sort of a misnomer considering UFC is a promotion and Mixed Martial arts are the sport.

Still plenty of UFC fans are perfectly content just enjoying MMA without experiencing martial arts first hand.

One incident recently featured a participant flexing a bout UFC merch he was wearing. He seemed aggravated and pointed out the shirt as a sort of invite for the men he annoyed to engage him.

His opponent seemed unperturbed by the UFC merch and had instead calmly assessed the situation.  He walks down the antagonist and then quickly changes gears and lands on his chin.

He’s quick to get some distance between them after landing. The UFC shirt wearer is very aggravated at this point and clearly much less experienced in striking. He gets tagged yet again.

According to reports he was there with his son who then got involved. There was an attempt to place a submission but that quickly went sour with the instigator relegated to the floor.

At this point it becomes a 2 on 2 incident with several other onlookers getting involved as well in an attempt to calm down the situation.

The incident continues even as UFC fan gets dropped with a fair amount of ground and pound landing.

This incident highlights the recent conversation Andrew Tate sparked about jiu-jitsu. Tate is not a fan of the martial art and would never engage in a grappling exchange in an unregulated scenario.

This is a lesson best showcased by the kid that tried to get involved with a rear naked choke attempt and instead got shaken off and ground and pounded a good measure.

One onlooker suggested:

“In terms of the most useful style for defending yourself against a group, I’d go with sprinting as fast as possible away.” 

It turns out that wearing UFC merch doesn’t make you a mixed martial artist – who knew?