(Video) UFC lightweight reacts to a scrap that has a ‘picture perfect ending’

Mixed martial arts is a sport but it can’t really be separated from it’s origin story. MMA was incepted by, so called, vale tudo bouts in which different martial artists would challenge each other in hopes of resolving conflicts and asserting the domination of their style.

They originate as far back as the early 1900s if not sooner.

Even UFC, came to exist on the back of such events with the Gracie family organizing an official event and founding the UFC instead of Brazil’s beach encounters.

Not all scraps get the perfect ending where men are hugging and reconciling in the end. Recently a video went viral showcasing what UFC lightweight Dan Hooker calls the perfect ending for a scrap.

The video that went viral depicted an incident at a US parkin lot. In it, we see two athletic men deal with a conflict in an assertive manner. Apparently the man in the black, went for a takedown. After his athletic clad opponent sprawled he took some punishment but kept going regardless.

The man in the shorts clearly had some wrestling and was trying to control the situation by not letting his opponent regain proper posture, he kept pressuring his head down. This is a wrestling maxim that dictates ‘where the head goes, the body follows,’.

The control was quite efficient and minimally disruptive so the two ended up clashing into a nearby vehicle.

But at this point, the man in black knew he was outmatched and repeated he was done until his opponent was willing to let him go.

This is the perfect ending in many ways, because no real boundaries were crossed. There was no physical damage, no phycological damage and no maiming of the participants. At worst they scraped some clothes but even that was surface level.

The two returned to the origin point to recover their shoes which had slipped off at some point during the conflict.