(Video) UFC leaves athlete stranded at hospital after win

UFC heavyweight Chris Barnett was left stranded at a hospital following his victory at UFC 279 prelims. Barnett reportedly suffered a nasal fracture during his bout against Jake Collier.

Chris Barnett scored an impressive comeback TKO victory at UFC 279 event last weekend. He competed on the preliminary card. It was a fierce battle with both athletes taking a ton of damage but Barnett got his momentum in the middle of the second round and wobbled Collier subsequently forcing the referee to step in.

Following his match, the 36-year-old was sent to the hospital for a medical check-up. However, UFC staff who drove him there left and got back to the arena without Barnett. After finishing his medical check-up, Barnett was baffled knowing that the UFC staff had gone back without him. Barnett insisted on going back to the arena by himself and wasn’t too upset about it.

On the side of the road, Barnett recorded himself chuckling at the idea that he was left alone in the hospital. He also hilariously asked fans for a ride to the T-Mobile Arena. Barnett shared the clip on his account.

“Oh, they got me selling the house on the corner.”

“I guess somebody come pick me up. We had the trauma hospital in Vegas. Please, anybody? Somebody. Somebody, somebody. Somebody. Somebody. Anybody find me. All right, bring the drinks. Bring them. ”

Many fans slammed the UFC the last whole week for UFC 279 for disrespecting Barnett.

This entire week had many strange occurrences from  the cancelation of the press conference to the main card shuffle.

Not to mention that Johnny Walker got kicked out while still wearing his UFC gear and gloves.

Barnett managed to keep moving forward following the passing of his wife back in May after a battle with encephalitis. This is one of the reasons why nobody was too torn about about his 1.5lbs weight miss ahead of the bout.

Chris Barnett is fairly new to the UFC. He joined the promotion in May of last year and has only competed 4 times with 2 wins and 2 losses. Previously, he competed in various promotions since 2009. Barnett is a knockout artist, boasting 18 knockouts out of total 23 wins.

Barnett delivered a heartfelt speech after his victory saying:

“Let me tell you right now. Me dudes like Jake. That’s what we do. That’s why we in this, we signed up To the best organization in the world. UFC that’s what we are.
That’s what we do. We come out here for you. And I love it. Thank you for the.
Love and everything. This means the world to me. This means the world to me. I love you. Through from the bottom of my heart. From the bottom up. Thank you. We’re nothing.
Without you. Nothing. Stand up for yourselves. Stand up for yourselves.”