(Video) UFC fumbles? Cedric Doumbe and Michael ‘Venom’ Page Face-Off at PFL

The 2023 PFL Europe Championships was hosted at Dublin’s 3Arena. It witnessed an electrifying moment as rising African sensation Cedric Doumbe and former Bellator standout Michael Page graced the event.

Doumbe went inside the cage during the event to speak to the live audience. Perceiving a chance to make his shot, the Cameroonian called out Michael Page.

“MVP! Whenever you want, I’m here for you!” exclaimed Doumbe from within the cage.

In response, Page promptly stepped forward from the crowd. He entered the cage to face off with Doumbe. The tension dissipated as the two combatants exchanged a handshake.

Page remarked: “We’ll see what happens in the future.”

Doumbe is a former GLORY Kickboxing welterweight champion. He maintains an undefeated streak in mixed martial arts, knocking out his first five opponents.

He made his remarkable debut at PFL Europe 3, where he secured a nine-second knockout victory over Jordan Zebo.

Doumbe’s undefeated streak and his swift victories in the realm of mixed martial arts underscore his dominance in the welterweight division. His transition from kickboxing to MMA has been nothing short of impressive, with each match showcasing his striking prowess and knockout potential.

Notably, Michael Page is a former kickboxer world champion. He spent a decade showcasing his skills under the Bellator MMA banner. However, his departure from the promotion earlier this year marked a significant transition. He became one of the most sought-after free agents in the sport.

While no official statement has surfaced regarding Page’s next destination, speculations are being made regarding his potential signing with the UFC.

The meeting between Doumbe and Page at the PFL Europe Championships has set the stage for an eagerly anticipated encounter. If this clash materializes in the future, it could reshape the landscape of MMA by captivating fans with an enthralling showdown between two skilled and charismatic combatants.