(Video) UFC fans reacts to Taco Bell worker scrapping with a furious customer

Numerous incidents of customers being unkind to restaurant employees have gone viral on social media. They often scrap with the employees, and sometimes things take an unpleasant turn.

A video of a customer getting hit by a staff member at a Taco Bell restaurant in what seemed like an MMA sequence recently surfaced online.

The alleged event occurred at a Taco Bell location in Swansea, Wales. One of the restaurant staff members was attacked by an extremely hostile customer. The customer had a second guy with him who was attempting to calm him down. However, the customer lunged at the Taco Bell employee and tried to hit him.

As soon as the guy swung his fists the employee was able to anticipate the attack. In a UFC-style move, he picked up the customer and smashed him to the ground. The customer lay still on the floor.

Onlookers were astonished to find the guy laying down with leaking from his head. The Welsh Ambulance Service afterwards attended to the customer.

Many individuals have expressed their opinions on this incident. The following are some of the Twitter users’ responses:

“Looks like self defense to me, the man swung at him”

“Hard to know without more context, but with just this video to go off of… this is the most clear self defense case one could possibly make.”

“The second the guy intended contact with the employee – the law says that’s assault. When he made physical contact that’s battery. Defending yourself from assault is allowed, especially since the video makes clear the customer fully intended to pursue and harm the employee.”

South Wales Police confirmed the incident and claimed no arrests were made:

“Two men had left the premises prior to officers attending. There have been no complaints forthcoming to date and no arrests.”