(Video) Tyron Woodley and KSI get into heated exchange during Floyd Mayweather vs. Deji event

Tyron Woodley got into a heated altercation with social media star KSI. The former UFC welterweight champion is lobbying hard to get to face KSI in his next exhibition boxing match.

KSI is the biggest social media star in the UK, He was in attendance to support his brother Deji Olatunji who faced Floyd Mayweather. They exchanged blows on November 13 in Dubai, UAE.

The event was filled with several exhibition matches, including Tyson Fury’s half-brother Tommy Fury.

Tyron Woodley was also in attendance at the event. During the aftermath of the main event, ‘The Chosen One’ confronted KSI and got into a heated verbal altercation. Their confrontation caused a scene and security had to step in to separate them.

The pair have been beefing ever since they engaged on Twitter in the past. They were throwing insults online with KSI claiming to be able to knock out Woodley faster than Jake Paul did.

Woodley was asked about what happened during a talk with Fred Talks Fighting. The 40-year-old said they didn’t really argue as KSI kept trying to run away from him.

“He didn’t say much. I didn’t really think that he was going to pull up on me in real life. He didn’t come up to me first. Ran away from me the whole night.” Woodley said.

Woodley also asked about the beginning of their feud. He claimed that it’s not his style of bantering online and prefers to actually meet in person.

“I ain’t really from that era man. I’m in the mix because I fought Jake, but I’m not really of that mix. I’m a real fighter. I fought on last-minute notice [in a rematch against Jake Paul]. People that are just clickbaiting around, and cl**t chasing, I don’t really f**k with this. So, if you want to fight me, let’s do it then.” Woodley said.

KSI himself is also planning to have a ring return in January next year. The 29-year-old has been competing in professional boxing and faced fellow influencers such as Logan Paul, Swarmz, and Pineda.