(Video) Two Guys Challenge Boxing Girl For Her Hand In Marriage

In a viral video, two Chinese men attempt to win the hand of a female boxer in marriage through combat, as part of an ancient Chinese martial arts tradition.

The first suitor, wearing army pants, fights aggressively but leaves himself open by dropping his hands during attacks. The boxing girl, named Meili, responds with good head movement, angles, and combinations, knocking him down multiple times. Though he manages to land some kicks due to his confidence from wearing headgear, Meili’s superior boxing prevails, defeating him.

The second suitor keeps his guard tighter but still struggles to penetrate Meili’s defense. Meili continues to control the fight with effective jabs and range. After losing his headgear mid-match, the man is kicked in the face and knocked out.

According to the narrator, this ritual has no historical basis in China, instead being invented by fantasy novel writers. The narrator explains the tradition allows men to use kung fu to compete for a woman’s hand in marriage, with her participation if she knows martial arts. The narrator hopes Meili will expand her platform to challenge other female fighters rather than men.

Overall, the video showcases Meili’s impressive boxing skills against two overmatched male challengers vying for her hand via a dramatized version of an ancient Chinese marital custom. Her dominance highlights female empowerment in combat sports.