(Video) Two grapplers clash in public following heated argument

While public altercations might disturb public order, they can be interesting to watch. Especially if the two participants are trained in the various aspects of mixed martial arts.

In this recent viral video two grapplers went toe to toe over a dispute that occurred in the bicycle lane.

The two guys can be seen squabbling over something initially, with one of the guys bike laying on the ground.

Both appeared to quarrel for some time and they look pretty much fed up with each other. Then the action begins.

The man in the black shirt initially looks like he trying to put down his belongings on the ground. But suddenly, he attempts a double leg takedown on the man in the raglan shirt.

With the ability to take his opponent down proficiently, we can see that this man is no MMA casual. At the very least he displayed a degree of wrestling skills.

However, the man in raglan is ready to surprise his opponent, ready to show that his opponent is not the only one with grappling skills in his sleeve.

Despite successfully taking him down, the man in raglan quickly escapes and gains back control over the man in black.

He then put on a semi-locked headlock while delivering his argument to his counterpart about the issue. The man can be seen pointing out things during the headlock, while the man in black is completely neutralized.

The two appeared to finally settle things during the headlock conversation with the man in raglan releasing the man in black, with an extra slap on the back.

While panting following the short but exhausting sequence, the two restart the arguments. But this time with the main in raglan is completely in control and the man in black just listens.

The video might be short, but it certainly displays the real life applications of both jiu jitsu and wrestling during an unsolicited altercation.