(Video) Two girls brawl for a minute – still more action than Namajunas vs Esparza 2

There’s been a lot of talk about UFC worsts as of late. The infamous bout that wasn’t even got released on UFC’s official youtube recently in an attempt to promote Esparza’s impending title defense.

But all that’s done was anger the fans once again – having to sit through 25 minutes of basically nothing. The two barely averaged over 1 strike per minute Together for the duration of the bout.

Enter a viral clip. Recently a grappling heavy girl vs girl brawl went viral thanks to the fact it featured utter domination.

From the get go, one girl has the back mount secured with no hooks. She even talks back to her randy opponent saying “You know I’m getting on top b***”.

The back mounter is even posting up and preventing a sweep actively. All while delivering an occasional strike at her randy opponent’s head.

The two proceed to scramble with the girl in pink ending up mounted on the other girl. The girl from the bottom makes a critical mistake here – and tries to strike from below instead of attempting to escape mount.

This leads her heavier opponent to a brilliant thought. Instead of coming up with comebacks for the desperate strikes from below, she ends up mounting the shoulders of her assailant.

She clearly has some experience in grappling as evidenced by the fact she has her feet folded behind the bum of her opponent. This is a critical mount detail for any bjj practitioner  – especial if you’re determined to stay mounted.

She even asks her opponent if she’d like to stop mid way through  -with the opponent unwilling the two proceed to exchange with the bottom learning of a critical mistake that culminated in a hair grab and ground and pound from the top.