(Video) Tussle gets out of control with man repeatedly rammed by a car

A chaotic and wild incident erupted at the infamous Lincoln Tunnel Motel in New Jersey, a renowned establishment connected to the TikTok platform. The incident unfolded when a man, assisting a recently evicted friend in moving out of the motel, found himself embroiled in a physical confrontation.

NBC New York obtained surveillance footage that vividly captured the unsettling incident.

The footage reveals the two men engaging in a heated wrestling match, exchanging punches in the presence of several onlookers. Even after falling to the ground, the brawl continued outside the motel, which has gained recognition for its assistance to the homeless community.

In a surprising turn of events, one of the combatants entered a Mercedes vehicle and repeatedly rammed it into the other individual, who seemed to have been struck in the legs. However, the injured party managed to escape before the arrival of law enforcement, narrowly avoiding further harm.

To exacerbate the situation, the same car reversed into a police vehicle that had responded to the scene. Eventually, the suspect exited the car, raising his hands in surrender, with a face bloodied from the altercation.

Law enforcement authorities later identified the perpetrator as Ariam Ante, a 42-year-old individual. Ante now faces charges that include assault by auto, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose (referring to his vehicle), burglary, and theft, according to NJ.com.

North Bergen police Captain David Dowd emphasized the gravity of the incident, stating that the video evidence indicated that the victim was struck by the car at least three, potentially four, times.

Dowd also acknowledged the victim’s fortunate escape from life-threatening injuries, despite their reluctance to come forward and reveal the extent of their wounds.

The Lincoln Tunnel Motel, known colloquially as the TikTok Motel due to the viral account of co-owner Brian Acosta Arya, 35, has garnered significant attention for its efforts to assist individuals experiencing homelessness. However, law enforcement officials associate the motel with negative incidents.

Captain Dowd revealed that police responded to incidents at the motel on a regular basis, averaging approximately three visits per day. Between January 2020 and March 2022, law enforcement visited the Lincoln Tunnel Motel a staggering 2,705 times, surpassing the number of incidents reported at the 13 other motels and hotels in the township.

Despite the alarming occurrence, Brian Acosta Arya, one of the motel’s owners, remained undeterred in his commitment to helping those in need. Arya, who was present during the brawl, recounted a separate incident earlier in the day where an angry customer resorted to smashing windows, including the motel owner’s personal vehicle. Arya acknowledged the frightening nature of these events but expressed his determination to improve the motel’s environment and continue supporting the less fortunate.