(Video) Turkish football fan attacks player with corner post

Football World Championships can get very heated. After a serious of upsets caused riots across Europe an interesting thing happened during Turkey’s regular season.

The second division Turkish derby game between Goztepe and Altay was called off on Sunday. A spectator entered the field and attacked Altay goalie Ozan Evrim Ozenc with a corner post.

The match was stopped halfway through the first half of the match at the Gursel Aksel Stadium in the city of Izmir. This was done to cope with crowd disruptions caused by supporters duelling with each other and throwing flares.

A Goztepe supporter raced onto the field brandishing a corner flag. Two ambulances had already been sent to the scene and the players were preoccupied.

The fan broke the post into pieces by using it to strike the unaware Ozenc twice in the head. Before being stopped, the fan seemed ready to carry out the attack once again.

Referee Emre Kargin sent both teams’ players to the locker rooms before announcing that the game would conclude with a score of 0-0.

As a consequence of the attack, Ozenc was sent to the hospital for evaluation and had a 4 cm cut to his skull.

In a subsequent statement, the governor of Izmir, Yavuz Selim Kosger promised to prosecute the perpetrators. He said that the perpetrator “will be punished with the decision to be taken within the Turkish legal system.”

21 individuals have reportedly already been detained in connection with the incident, according to Turkish media.