(Video) TikTok boxer taunts rival with full-size coffin and blow-up doll

TikTok star turned boxer Elle Brooke caused controversy following her questionable stung during the pre-fight press conference. She taunted her opponent with a blow-up doll of her rival.

Elle Brooke is famous for being an Only Fans model and gained bigger fans through video sharing platform TikTok. She will have her first boxing match against fellow model Astrid Wett next month. Both models will box within Kingpyn Promotions on July 16 at The O2 Indigo, London. The event will also be headlined by social media stars Slim Albaher and Ryan Taylor.

During the recent pre-fight press conference, Elle Brooke had a number of crew members with dwarfism bring a coffin to the stage. In the coffin was a blow-up doll of her opponent Astrid Wett wearing a Chelsea jersey. Her crew went on to dance around the stage while the doll was being thrown off to the audience.

Both Elle Brooke and Astrid Wett have massive followers on social media. Boasting hundreds of million on Instagram alone. The pair had a bit of altercation and a rivalry over a series of videos on Twitter and TikTok. They went back-and-forth in a heated argument and finally agreed to settle it in the boxing ring.

“I think there’s always been this unspoken rivalry. And then it got to the point where there was stupid tit for tat on TikTok and Twitter, then I just decided that she needs a smack in her face. She deserves to be put in her place a little bit.” Astrid Wett said about the upcoming match.

Elle Brooke responded and got the crowd fired up. She said, “Who thinks I’m going to knock Astrid Wett the f*ck out? She is f*cking dead.”

Wett also criticized Brooke for wearing a vulgar outfit during the conference. She thinks it’s inappropriate especially with a lot of younger people in the crowd.

“You look like Brock Lesnar. You’re built like a man, I’m not worried about someone who looks like Brock Lesnar.” Wett said.