(Video) Ticket altercation in Netherlands turns physical, instant karma ensues

In any society there are people who don’t abide by the rules for one reason or another. They do not follow any rules and regulations.

At times like this, they think that they’re entitled to respond in any way they can and that public property  is their property. They sometimes don’t even bother paying for utilities they use.

One such incident happened at a train station in the Netherlands when a young guy did not want to pay for the ticket.

A young guy refused to buy a ticket from a female conductor. When she argued with him, he hit the female conductor to her nose resulting in a bleeding nose. Being a female, she could not do much.

A male conductor was standing by and did not appreciate the way the young man had behaved. He tried to defend the honor of his co-worker and taught the young boy a lesson.

A video of the conflict went viral. The video clearly shows the male conductor teaching the young guy a lesson. The conductor was tall and had a stronger and larger body composition than the young guy.

He grabbed the young guy showcasing his grappling skills as a trained martial artist.

The male conductor grabbed the young guy, lifted him up and slammed him to the ground. After getting slammed, it seemed like the young attacker became the victim. The conductor left his motionless body lying on the ground.

This situation showcases the importance of martial arts in any situation. If you’d like to not obey the rules you should know martial arts to know your boundaries and how to not escalate a conflict situation but evade with your moral compass intact. If you’re in a situation where you should be intervening, you’ll know how to efficiently intervene as to not cause irreparable damage to any of the involved parties including yourself.