(Video) Thug punches a female cop in the FACE – sparking a wild brawl

With every passing day there’s a mounting pile of evidence indicating how important it is to be proficient in a martial art.

Different martial arts provide a different kind of approach but all of them provide frame works to evaluate any unpredictable incident we might find ourselves in.

The incident in question happened in front of a 7-Eleven outside a petrol station at Matraville, in Sydney.

The video shows two police officers with a seated, handcuffed woman – as a group of men lurk nearby.

Policeman can be seen ordering men to move back, while a fourth man appears to go closer to a woman that appears to be arrested and is wearing handcuffs.

The arrested woman struggles to stand up, falling back on herself as a female police officer instructs her to sit down.

A male officer comes over to help and hold the woman in place as the men start to approach him.

‘Hey, don’t you f***ing touch her!’ one of the men shouts.

The man begins struggling in response and starts hitting the male cop.

He then hits the female officer in the head as she runs over to break up the scuffle.

‘F***ing c****’ the male officer says as he grabs the man.

Luckily, a squad car and a wagon arrive when the punches are thrown and the conflict is stifled.

The man punches the male officer numerous times before he is tasered by the female cop he hit in the head.

At this point more cars arrive to the scene and the perpatrators are arrested.

NSW Police told Daily Mail Australia the incident occurred in February and was before the courts.