(Video) Three feet tall Likkleman outboxes Choon Tan

Despite being born with dwarfism, Likkelman had had several boxing outings. He first beat Salim Chiboub and then successfully defended his “Wicked N’ Bad” title against Wopke Booijen.

After this, he made the first move against Choon Tan, mocking him.

Likleman and Choon Tan have a lengthy history of conflict, and they even got into a bar brawl in June. This was before Likkelman’s scheduled clash at Wembley Arena that same month. He and Tan agreed to boxer over four rounds of two minutes each to end their grudge.

In their grudge match, three-foot-tall boxer Likkleman stopped longtime adversary Choon Tan in the fourth round.

With 50 seconds of the final round left, Likkelman won after Tan was unable to return a torrent of blows.

The event was held in London.

After delivering a right hand, Likkleman dropped his hands and trapped Tan against the ropes. Tan, who is just under five feet tall, was in severe trouble at the bell because he spent the last two minutes of the first round on the back foot.

Similar tactics were used in the second round as Likkleman drove his opponent back and taunted him against the ropes. He persisted in making fun of Tan’s feeble response. Tan was backed up and under pressure, so the second round seemed to conclude early.

Following a delayed intermission caused by audience disturbances, Likkleman resumed where he left off in the third round with the intention of defeating Tan. Likkleman applied further pressure, and Tan was given a standing count while his nose was bleeding. And with little over a minute left in the match, the referee intervened. He gave Likkleman the stoppage victory.

After four rounds of two minutes each, Love Island star AJ Bunker beat Tasha Kiran on the undercard to earn her victory. On the other hand, Callum Izzard defeated James Tindale in a match.