(Video) This video is proof Bouncers just don’t get paid enough

Many prominent mixed martial artists of today supported themselves working as bouncers earlier in their career. This goes for both the athletes and their coaching stuff most of the time.

The sport of MMA is very hard to make it in – because only the top 1% gets paid like an actual pro athlete and even then it often pales in the comparison with top tiers of other mainstream sports. Not to mention the fact that MMA athletes are independent contractors who are often liable to pay their own teams, taxes and supporting staff.

Even the smaller MMA guys often work as bouncers – former UFC bantamweight champion Petr Yan is a great example. Yan worked as a bouncer in Omsk, Russia.

UFC heavyweight Tanner Boser was even working as one during his UFC tenure – that is until his place of work was torched in a fire.

Fast forward to a clip depicting the harsh realities of bouncing going viral. In the clip we can observe a belligerent crowd yelling at a man blatantly trying to placate them.

The bouncers soon emerge behind the men who are having a conflict and their female companions.

After one of the man insults the other, the other fails to back off. At which point something akin to a UFC face off takes place, perhaps even appearing to kiss his instigator.

At which point the man in the orange jacket goes wild and escalates to a new level. He quickly tries to land a punch on his opponent while the bouncer intervenes grabbing at his punching hand.

The man is oblivious to his female partner who appears to be rolling on the floor behind the incident.

The bouncer is careful to not injure said companion while trying to get in between the two.

Now it’s his opponent’s turn to throw hands. He lands a couple shots to the head of his unsuspecting opponent.

At this point more of the party goers escalate and start attacking the bouncers. One many in particular, pulls at a bouncers shirt and attempts to throw knees at him. The whole incident escalates and into several separate brawls and it’s hard to distinguish what actually transpired.

Infamous BJJ/MMA coach John Danaher once shared he following tale about his time spent working as a bouncer while he was working on his philosophy degree at NYU:

“The parable of the banker: Back in the late 1990’s when I was working as a bouncer in NYC I strangled a couple of thugs unconscious one night during a brawl. When things quietened down an older gentleman with a thick Russian accent approached me and asked if I would be willing to work in his club.”

“Bouncers are always looking for extra gigs in case they get fired or have to lay low for a while at their main gig so A few nights later I went to check it out. It was a strip club way downtown in the financial district by the old World Trade Center. ”

“The financial district is a hive of activity in the day time but a ghost town at night, bringing in an odd assortment of powerful suits alongside derelicts. It was a small club of mostly Russian strippers catering to boozy traders and dealers – a very easy gig compared with my normal work. ”

“One night I had to toss a fellow out who had gotten a little too touchy feely with one of the ladies and caused a commotion. He went without a fight and I stayed at the door as he lingered in the street outside. ”

“We struck up a conversation as he seemed a decent dude and he talked about his work which if his story was true, he was very good at. He said to me, “There is only one skill I need to win in my game – I need to be able to look at a stock and see its true value, as opposed to its publicly agreed upon value. If I can see that most people undervalue it I will buy and I win, since it’s true value is much higher and will be revealed in time,”

“As he walked off i wondered if a similar line of thought would apply to Jiu jitsu. Are there moves out there that are undervalued by most and whose true value would later be revealed so that anyone who invested in them early would profit?”

“A few years later I started my study of leg locks for exactly this reason – they were priced at that time far below their true value. As you learn you might ask yourself, are there OTHER such moves out there waiting for someone to reveal their true value? Are the reasons why we currently consider some moves unworthy of study sound, or just a reflection of our limited thinking? The banker did very well with this approach – perhaps you can too.”