(Video) This is why rules and refs will always be welcome in MMA

Mixed martial arts had a bad reputation for a very long time and were banned in a variety of jurisdictions. Among the last to allow MMA were the state of France and US state of New York.

With the emergence of UFC there was a real concern about the lack of rules and about what we can actually televise. MMA initially had no regulated clothing and even allowed for groin strikes. Oddly fish hooks were banned from the get go.

But when the attempts to formalize MMA were made and the referees met with the medical professionals and members of State athletic commissions there was real concern about moves that you can’t defend from.

This conversation led to one of the more controversial rules in MMA, banning of the 12-6 elbow. This type of elbow is banned in MMA due to the fact that a strike will land on the head of an opponent who can’t move it back and has very little room to intelligently defend.

A recent backyard scrap over a romantic dalliance highlighted the importance of regulations in MMA. In the snippet we see two young women angrily confronting each other.

The girl who lands the brunt of the damage initiates the exchange landing the strikes to her opponent’s head. She’s quick to mount the opponent as she starts faltering.

The two are even talking to each other about the romantic dalliance in the heat of the moment.

The mounted girl maintains control of her opponent’s hips and arms. It’s clear that they have no knowledge of jiu-jitsu because the way she’s controlling the hips would make her super susceptible to getting swept or even bucked off.

What starts off with some ground and pound that’s straight out of MMA, escalates once the girl on top snags the hair and the head of her opponent at which time she proceeds to repeatedly shove it into concrete.

Lucikly there’s some cardboard and some other stuff behind them so the impact isn’t as bad but this is a text book incident where way too many things could go wrong very fast and criminal liability can become an issue.

When the head shoving escalates the on lookers get involved eager to stop the incident from having fatal repercussions to the losing side.

This is a perfect example to showcase importance of MMA rules – and also a great example of why BJJ is actually superbly useful in unregulated scenarios. BJJ could’ve defused this whole situation and enabled the weaker party to defend herself without detrimental repercussions for either party.