(Video) This is why it’s never a good idea to mess with an MMA trainee

A peculiar scene took place recently. While a crew was busy unloading a U-Haul truck a shirtless challenger appeared by the truck.

The gentleman in question was clearly ready to scrap and had indicated with his stance repeatedly that he was interested in a physical confrontation.

At first the man who was challenged clearly ignored him and even turned his back, ready to do the job of unloading a truck.

The challenger then approached the loading area and appeared aggravated. At which point he pushed one of the boxes being unloaded.

Now this got the desired reaction from the man in the black shirt who hurried to confront the man.

The two squared off in the middle of a semi-busy street. The challenger was now on his back foot, unsure as to how to proceed against the clearly determined opponent.

The man clad in black shirt shot for a takedown as soon as the challengers back was against another car. At which point he delivered a confident takedown lifting the challenger in the air and slamming him onto the pavement.

He didn’t waste a second but started to assert his dominance grappling the now maimed challenger.

He then layered on some unnecessary ground and pound on his dazed victim. At this point the altercation was done with a clear resolution with the challenger knocked out flat on the street.

On lookers approached the challenger as he was out on the street in a very peculiar pose.

The scene reportedly took place in Boston. It’s unclear what consequences if any there were for the two participants.

It’s quite clear that the man in the black shirt had MMA experience whether it be jiu-jitsu, wrestling or striking. He managed to utilize all three to incapacitate his challenger.

In fairness to him he did try to avoid conflict having told the challenger to back off three separate times in the first 10seconds of the video.