(Video) This is why Cops need to think about training BJJ

There’s a lot of talk in the BJJ community in terms of how training BJJ would enable law enforcement officers to do their jobs more effectively.

A number of BJJ aces even provides free seminars and training for police members.

Conor McGregor’s MMA coach John Kavanagh is the latest to offer support to police officers. Kavanagh offered to train Ireland’s National Police Service.

“The physical skills to deal with aggressive resisting bad guys. I’m happy to give my time and experience for free.” – he wrote.

A video that recently went viral is a great example of why policemen need training. In their line of duty, they encounter a large number of individuals that actually take their presence as a challenge and would like nothing more than to overwhelm them.

This viral clip shows two police officers, one in particular is accosted by two unruly citizens. The state of these men is questionable considering one of them is shirtless.

One of the police officers is tall – yet these two smaller men want to accost him, counting on the fact they outnumber him and are in close proximity.

The shirtless man in particular tries to get into the face of the LEO. When the other one approaches as well he has no choice but to shove them both to create some distance.

Once showed both are prompted to start hurling strikes at the officer. With the officer trying to maintain distance, his partner discreetly tases the guy and his co-conspirator ends up falling on top of him.

At this point the policemen struggle to control the suspects on the ground and their lack of jiu-jitsu is blatantly obvious. What they have working for them is the taser plus size advantage.

The tased individual even ends up getting up and getting away from the incident unscathed while the other man appears to be subdued.

But that didn’t last long either – quickly he recovers ‘guard’ and the police officer is once again overwhelmed.

He ends up trying to get up and uses the officer’s sprawl to launch a takedown. But he’s outnumbered so the two policemen end up shoving him in the back of their vehicle.

This prompts his co-conspirator to re-engage. Sadly he gets tased right away and is effectively subdued.