(Video) These UFC stars are dying to scrap with a Kangaroo

In a recent lighthearted interview, several UFC stars shared their amusing perspectives on the hypothetical scenario of facing off against kangaroos in hand-to-hand combat. The responses, ranging from confident assertions to playful bravado, added a touch of humor to the usually intense world of mixed martial arts.

Kangaroos, with their unique physique and boxing-like tendencies, became the subject of discussion among the fighters. Despite the apparent physical differences between humans and marsupials, the conversation delved into the comical possibilities of a brawl with these Australia native creatures.

Former UFC flyweight champion Brandon Moreno exuded confidence, asserting, “For sure. I will fight a kangaroo, and I will win.” The bold statement set the tone for the amusing exchange of opinions.

Rising talent Terrance McKinney showcased his optimism, expressing belief in his ability to not just box a kangaroo but even entertain the idea of choking it out. His humorous confidence added a playful twist to the discussion.

Former middleweight champion Sean Strickland injected a dose of humor by revealing his longtime dream of fighting a kangaroo. With a smirk, he shared, “First of all, I will tell you it’s kind of been my dream to fight a kangaroo. I would put my hands on it,” accompanied by a demonstration of his imaginary kangaroo tussle.

Reigning featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski took a strategic approach, highlighting his potential advantage with a longer reach. He confidently stated, “I would if we could. I think I got a lot longer reach. Keep it on the outside.”

However, the pinnacle of the amusement came from UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev, who took the question with utmost seriousness. In a deadpan manner, he declared, “I’m gonna submit a kangaroo for sure. Kangaroos have good striking, but nobody checks their grappling.” The unexpected gravity in Makhachev’s response added an extra layer of hilarity to the conversation, showcasing a side of the fighter rarely seen.

The amusing responses from these UFC stars provided fans with a delightful break from the usual intensity of the sport, revealing the lighter and more humorous sides of these formidable athletes.