(Video) These exotic dancers thought scrapping was the easiest way to resolve their dispute

Conflict resolution and communication are skills we just don’t pay enough attention to. While there are many strategies to manage conflicts and disputes peacefully sometimes it just doesn’t cross our minds. Such is the nature of being human.

While aggression was once the go to in the race for survival, nowadays it’s frowned upon in most unregulated settings. As such there’s a degree of stigma even if you tell common people you train marital arts. It’s not detrimental but it’s there.

These exotic dancers reacted very viscerally when there was a conflict in their dressing room. The incident was captured on the CCTV installed to monitor their interactions.

The video that emerged online has one of the dancers involved in the conflict narrating the experience.

The dancer in question indicates that her so-called opponent got into it with her first – but the dancer definitely had a hard core reaction and proceeded to use the hair of her opponent to control her and land shots.

The dancer kept on instigating the incident despite the fact that her opponent was all but defeated. Here she explains that she remained in the conflict saying that the other girl was holding her leg.

This is a possible attempt to spin but not impossible. From the positions they have in the video, it’s possible her opponent was planning a low single takedown.

While she evaded the attempt by going sideways the instigator ended up mounted, with her main opponent on top of her to the dismay of other dancers present in the room.

She goes from mount to knee on belly and back again, landing ground and pound while she does it.

Her opponent won’t give up and actually manages to get her to concede dominant positions and switch to side control thanks to very spazzy legs.

Her opponent even gets what looks like spider guard at one point, managing to push her feet in between them to create distance.

But then she did a very interesting thing – she landed a heavy upkick.

Upkicks were once a lauded striking defense for a jiu-jitsu person on the ground. Nowadays upkick KOs are not very common though there was an upkick liverkick KO somewhat recently that was beyond interesting to observe.

For other upkick fans, there’s Tony Ferguson’s famous upkick KO during his tenure on TUF.

The dancer narrating intervened after the upkick and landed some kicks from above but conceded she possibly shouldn’t have done that.

The conflict was over at this point with the key opponent after the upkick visibly wobbly.