(Video) The real life ‘Undertaker’ gets jumped by 8 people and wins…

A video of a 1 v 8 challenge has gone viral. The clip shared shows one person attacked by 7 men and a woman, and actually coming out victorious.

The title and the caption are referring to the large stature and the long hair of the man getting jumped. They make him look like pro-wrestling superstar, The Undertaker.

In the video, initially, all 8 people are taking turns in attacking the large man and he keeps swatting them away. He is able to use his reach and height to his advantage, and he successfully maintains a distance from them.

He keeps using strikes that somewhat connect and are enough to keep his opponents at bay.

However, by the end of the video, they all try to gang up on him and attack him at the same time.

After experiencing some difficulties, he is still able to get the upper hand by using a discarded piece in front of him.

As he holds on to the object, his attackers back off and he is pulled back by an onlooker as the video ends.

The context behind the clip is unknown but it’s being shared like wildfire and has racked up millions of views.

The video shows the importance of knowing self-defense skills as the person was able to fend off so many people.

It also shows how useful boxing is as a martial art for defending oneself.

Controversial social media star and former kickboxing world champion Andrew Tate has preferred boxing over BJJ and wrestling outside the cage.

His advice is: “Stay on your feet. Use your hands. Do not go to the ground.”

“BJJ and wrestling are useless if you have multiple attackers.”

It seems like the man getting attacked in this video implemented Tate’s advice perfectly. He used his striking to his advantage and didn’t let them drag him to the ground.