(Video) The most nonchalant scrap you’ll ever see

Many MMA aces have stressed how the rules shape the game and how they would feel less secure in an unregulated scenario due to a large number of variables that are hard to predict.

This is perhaps why so many men are attracted to an endless stream of viral scrap videos.

Even in mixed martial arts contests, things never go exactly according to plan. Which is possibly why this next video went viral.

The video captures a dream like scenario where everything goes exactly according to plan.

At the very start of, thins are heated with men getting into each other’s faces. One of them attempts to create distance by grabbing the neck of his opponent and walking him down.

This attempt is quickly countered with a masterful deflection ending with the said arm immobilized and lifted high above them both.

But the man appears to not have learned his lesson. He attempts this faux chokehold once again. This type of a chokehold isn’t really effective anywhere except in Hollywood movies – and is even banned at ADCC because of the fact it does nothing except slightly compress vocal chords.

But once he realizes his tactic isn’t working he makes an interesting move – opting for a classic judo technique called osoto gari.

When your opponent is walking towards you and you control their colar, it’s very easy to create kuzushi, off-balance them and land them on the ground.

Which is exactly what happened next. The man in the orange shorts halfheartedly launched a judo assault, confused his opponent and softly landed him on the concrete.

At this point he was free to do as he pleased so he opted to land one more shot to the head of his grounded opponent and call it a day.