Video: ‘The Force’ Martial Arts Seminar Fails Miserably When Faced With Skeptics

Legit martial arts, or a religious cult? That very question can be asked of anyone that believes whatever this “master” and his band of followers do blindly.

A form of “martial arts” known as EFO or Empty Force can be defined as “the expression of force without making physical contact”.

With the power of chi or “body’s vital energy”, the masters of the craft would be able to defend themselves against opponents without making any physical contact. At least that’s what the ads said.

Recently a Finnish EFO master, Jukka Lampila held a seminar in Barcelona. The €90 seminar gave the audience in-depth lessons with demonstrations from the master himself and permit them to record the whole class.

In the beginning, the demonstration went perfectly well with Lampila throwing his students across the room with his mysterious power. He was even “able” to incapacitate people with an empty force emitted from his heart without even touching the assailant.

Things started to turn downhill when some skeptic attendees start to ask Lampila whether he can still do his methods on random people. Lampila then confidently invited some of the attendees to join his demonstration.

The master then tried to release the empty force at them by putting his palm on their chests. But even with multiple attempts, he didn’t make any one of them move a finger, leaving the situation awkward.

Things only got worse for Lampila when some skeptics offered to attack him for a better demonstration.

And just like what’s expected, he went “qi-shy” and was unable to defend himself against any kind of “attacks” that were thrown.

But props for Lampila for keeping his cool under fire. Rather than continuing his demonstration, he asked the attendees instead would he come again tomorrow.

To add a cherry on top, another attendee rises up and asks Lampila directly would he try to defend himself from a real attack attempt, which the master refused.

With how this latest class went for master Lampila, he should probably lower the price for his seminar or eventually run out of business.