(Video) That was dirty: Not the way to secure the win

In a recent amateur mixed martial arts showdown, an athlete’s controversial move sparked a wave of criticism on social media after he employed a deceitful trick to knock his opponent out cold.

Questionable maneuvers in mixed martial arts have always been a contentious subject. Strategies involving cunning and sly tricks to distract or deceive opponents are frowned upon by many fans. While such tactics may not be illegal, they often clash with the values of fair competition and sportsmanship that fans hold dear.

The incident in question unfolded during an amateur MMA match between high school competitors, where both participants wore extensive protective gear, including shin guards and headgear.

Despite the excitement surrounding the bout, one of the competitors chose to adopt unsportsmanlike conduct. Immediately after the referee signaled the start of the match, the controversial athlete pointed to his side and seemingly conveyed a message to his opponent. It appears he indicated a potential threat or distraction that the opponent should be wary of.

Unfortunately, the unsuspecting opponent fell for the ruse. Redirecting his attention to the indicated side, he found nothing out of the ordinary. However, as soon as he refocused on the match, the deceptive athlete unleashed a powerful right hand that connected squarely with his face.

The impact left the opponent unconscious on the canvas, prompting the referee to swiftly signal the end of the match within mere seconds. Despite securing victory, the winner expressed remorse for resorting to such a trick and immediately checked on his unconscious adversary.

The viral clip of the match triggered a heated debate on social media, with many expressing displeasure at the unsportsmanlike tactics. However, opinions diverged, with some placing blame on the athlete who fell for the trick while others praised the winner for executing a cunning strategy.

“Confident fighters don’t need to do things like this. But it’s the other dude’s fault since this kind of thing has always happened in combat sports,” commented one observer.

“Protect yourself at all times,” emphasized another.

In the midst of the controversy, one voice added a touch of humor, stating, “F*ck that but funny ahaha.”