(Video) That time MVP got a point deduction for stopping to take a selfie during an MMA bout

Michael ‘Venom’ Page, known as MVP, is a talented mixed martial artist who has had his fair share of amusing moments both inside and outside the arena. But, what many fans don’t know is that he almost got disqualified for taking a selfie during a bout.

Page is a welterweight fighter in Bellator, a mixed martial arts promotion company. He is known for his striking ability and has delivered several memorable knockouts throughout his career.

However, Page’s antics outside of the cage have drawn criticism from fans and fellow athletes alike. He has been accused of being disrespectful and unsportsmanlike towards his opponents.

During a bout against Richard Kiely at Bellator 227 in Dublin, Ireland in 2019, Page found himself in complete control of the match. In the middle of the first round, he managed to pin Kiely down and deliver some heavy blows. It was at this point that Page decided to mock his opponent by doing a selfie gesture and trash talking him.

Unfortunately for Page, the referee, Dan Miragliotta, saw this as disrespectful behavior and immediately halted the action. He deducted a point from Page for mocking his opponent. Despite this setback, Page managed to secure a flying kick knockout victory just a few seconds after the bout continued.


Miragliotta’s decision to deduct a point from Page sparked controversy and debate among fans and MMA figures. Some believe that Page’s behavior was not illegal, even if it was disrespectful. Herb Dean, a famous UFC referee, stated that trash talking is prohibited, but he often chooses to let it slide.

“This is when a referee is getting over-involved in the fight. It’s not about your emotions. It’s not about you getting mad. It’s not about ‘I don’t like the showboat.’ Is what he’s doing, does it negatively affect the fight? Is he doing something that’s putting this other fighter at risk? Is he negatively affecting the outcome of this fight? If he is, do something about it. If not, say ‘Michael! Knock it off!’ and that’s it.” McCarthy said.