(Video) Teeth literally go flying during BKFC 51 Main Event

In the main event of BKFC 51, reigning strawweight champion Britain Hart faced off against Melanie Shah. What unfolded was a display of sheer dominance, with the champ delivering relentless blows.

Initially thrust into the limelight through her showdown with Paige VanZant, Britain Hart has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of bare knuckle boxing. She boasts an impressive record, securing victories in 8 of her last 9 matches under the BKFC banner.

This includes not only getting the BKFC World Strawweight championship but also successfully defending it.

Putting her coveted title on the line once again, Britain Hart faced the formidable Melanie Shah in the main event of BKFC 51. Melanie Shah had won two bouts in the promotion to get the title shot and was undefeated.

The disparity in experience became evident as Britain Hart dominated the match, ultimately securing a unanimous decision in her favor. What’s more, BKFC’s Twitter feed highlighted that she even dislodged teeth from the challenger’s mouth during the intense 5-round bout.

While Hart’s performance was undeniably impressive, it was not without controversy. Comments flooded under the post with many fans expressing concern that the bout should have been halted sooner to prevent further damage.

Kendra Lust voiced her opinion, stating: “Fight should have been stopped.”

Michael Guymon remarked: “That fight should have been stopped… Fighters are getting hurt badly. Got to say that girl had some serious heart”

Another user added, “This clip alone should have shown her corner throwing in the towel. They could have saved her a lot of damage. She doesn’t look like she stood a chance and it looks like her jaw is destroyed.”

Despite facing a less experienced opponent, Britain Hart’s performance was nothing short of spectacular. The question now lingers: what lies ahead for this dominant force in the world of bare knuckle boxing?