(Video) Teenagers Fight With A Knife And Sword On A Bus In London

A terrifying fight occurred between two teenagers on a moving bus in south London on February 3. The moment was witnessed by passengers on the bus who did nothing but shrunk back in fear and video the incident.

One of the teenagers was armed with an eight inch long blade while the other one used a knife. They jostled on the top floor of the double-decker and part of their brawl was captured using a phone camera by one of the passengers.

The video started in the middle of the clash. The two teenagers can be seen clashing their weapons against each other on the front side of the bus, making it hard for the commuters to get out. One of the passengers also said that another kid who wasn’t fighting was standing on the stairs, blocking their way out. The third teenager also reportedly held a long steel pole with a pointed tip.

The passenger who recorded the fight said that the clash lasted for around 5 minutes before they fled from the bus around Telford Avenue in Streatham. One of the passengers on the lower floor said that they could hear the fight.

The police were called at around 04.40 pm but all the teenagers had already gone. One of the passengers was asked about the incident and he couldn’t believe such a terrifying moment happened in front of him.

“[They] swinging around weapons like crazy. I have caught that bus route for four years and for it to happen in broad daylight was shocking. I’m still shaking from it”.

One of the passengers on the lower floor said that they could hear the fight. They also said that the only thing they could do was just sitting back and wished for it to not get worse.

The police have reported that there were no injuries and they would do further investigation.