(Video) Teen girls go at it while MMA fans rejoice- ‘More action than Rose Esparza 2’

Rose Namajunas’ bout against Carla Esparza is becoming somewhat of an iconic meme. Somehow the Strawweight champion managed to outperform Adesanya’s lackluster performance against Yoel Romero.

The 25 minute bouts had more minutes than strikes and the audience lost. But recently a teen girl bout was judged on a similar merit – and many MMA fans deem it more worthy of watching than the UFC title defense from UFC 274.

In an unknown location two young teens went at each other’s throats exchanging kicks.

The girls clearly don’t know much about mixed martial arts – but what they don’t know they fill in with enthusiasm and pure unadulterated hate of each other.

The terrible twosome would go on to exchange strikes, kicks and even hair pulling.