(Video) Teacher tries a different tactic to de-escalate a classroom squabble

A video of a classroom squabble with the teacher helplessly watching went viral.

The minute long clip shows two students scrapping as their schoolmates look on. Meanwhile, the teacher tries his best to deescalate the situation.

At first, the larger student pushes his rival who falls to the ground. This happens after he ate a pretty big punch.

After this, the two try to slam each other to the ground while being locked in a clinch. They wrestle each other to the end of the classroom where the smaller student is able to get away.

He gets some distance and then the two get into boxing stances.

Meanwhile, the teacher is in the room and he keeps trying to get them to disengage. He keeps shouting “back it up” and finally steps in at the end of the video to separate them.

Those commenting on the clip say that he did the right thing. They pointed out how they weren’t really throwing hands and that they tired themselves out.

The background behind the video is unknown, but this is just another one of the thousands of videos of classroom fights that go viral.

Two or more students that don’t like each other often reach a breaking point and they decide to get physical.

However, in countries like Slovakia, this can turn into a bigger problem. This is because the country recently introduced MMA in its curriculum.

The country’s MMA association called for it to become a part of physical education for kids, starting from elementary school.

While this is a great initiative for physical fitness, some think that it goes against the spirit of martial arts.

It’s because kids are likely to use what they learn, to hurt each other whenever a conflict arises.

These arts are meant to teach discipline and honor to all those who study them. They’re not to be used for senseless violence and conflicts.