(Video) Taylor Starling attempts to steal BKFC champion Christine Ferea’s belt

Taylor Starling is apparently going after the BKFC belt.

Starling is a 26-year-old MMA athlete who transitioned to Bare-Knuckle boxing. She gained a decent amount of stardom due to her ferocious combat style and her good looks.

After a mediocre MMA career, Starling found a home in bare-knuckle boxing. After going 1-1 in MMA, Starling is now on a three-match winning streak since joining the boxing promotion.

Now ranked number two in the women’s flyweight division, Starling is looking to challenge the champion Christine Ferea for a bare-knuckle boxing contest.

In a promotional video, Starling takes a note from McGregor’s promotional book. Much like the Irish did to Jose Aldo during their infamous press conference tour, Starling approaches Ferea and steals her belt right to her face.

The act of provocation does not go unpunished as Ferea appears ready to throw down at that very moment. Fortunately, bystanders were able to separate the two boxers and avoid a brawl.

The promotional stunt could very well guarantee a title shot for Starling. She is ranked number 2 in the Women’s flyweight division and will likely be the next to challenge for Ferea’s title.

Taylor is considered one of the up-and-coming stars of the bare-knuckle boxing promotion. Despite the low amount of appearances, she already has over 100k followers on Instagram, and the videos where she appears in the thumbnail generated millions of views for BKFC’s official Youtube channel.

If Starling is able to win the title, she already has an opponent in mind. The boxer stated in the past that it would be an “honor” to face fellow boxer Paige Vanzandt in the ring.

“It would be an honor. I think Paige is awesome, Paige is so nice, and Paige is a badass. I think a lot of people are really kind of knocking her and I think that’s bulls*it. Paige is awesome, but right now we’re just in two different conversations right now, just with what I’m doing in the tournament and champ talk and belt talk and stuff like that. I’m above that.”