(Video) Suplex into concrete arrest goes viral, attorneys address injuries

The attorneys representing a man who was bodyslammed by a Paulding County Sheriff’s deputy have announced their intention to file a civil lawsuit against the county.

The officers applied a wrestling move often called the suplex on the suspect, and smashed him right into the concrete.

A suplex throw is a wrestling technique used in amateur wrestling where one wrestler lifts their opponent off the ground and throws them backward, causing them to land on their upper back or neck.

As you can see from the description, this isn’t commonly done on concrete and even on the mats. Wrestlers and judoka often use crash mats when engaging in training moves that stand to compromise people to this degree.

The wrestler performing the suplex uses their arms to wrap around their opponent’s waist, lifts them up, and then arches their back to throw them over their head and onto the mat.

A suplex can be performed in different variations, such as a belly-to-back suplex, a German suplex, or a snap suplex. It is a powerful and effective move in wrestling when executed correctly.

The man, Tyler Canaris, claims that the deputy’s actions left him with $75,000 worth of medical bills and a lasting psychological and physical toll.

The incident resulted in Canaris getting charged with obstruction.

However, his attorneys allege that the deputy’s use of force was unnecessary and overly aggressive. They claim that Canaris suffered extensive injuries, including a left clavicle fracture, fractures to his right hand and skull, a ruptured eardrum, a concussion, and a traumatic brain injury.

They also allege that the same deputy has exhibited aggressive behavior in other cases.

The attorneys are calling for the deputy and his supervisors to be held accountable and are accusing the county of failing to recognize that the deputy does not have the right disposition or temperament to be on patrol.

The Paulding County Sheriff’s Office has not released the deputy’s personnel file, but has placed him on desk duty while the allegations are investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.