(Video) Supermarket guard judo flips angry customer

Self defense is an important factor for pretty much everyone but especially for those in risky occupations such as law enforcement, security, bouncing and more.

One security guard recently got to showcase his judo in an unlikely scenario. While supermarket security tends to deal more with shoplifters and similar low key scenarios this time an altercation with an angry customer was full blown.

And while the security guard was no expert he landed that hip toss like a real WMMA pro.

You might’ve noticed I said WMMA and not MMA – and there’s a reason for that. Head and arm throws are particularly common in female mma due to the way the female body distributes weight – differently vs the male.

Ronda Rousey had a lot of success with the hip toss with one of the benefits being landing in side control – another dominant position. But Rousey is far from the only one to utilize it.



A rare case of hip toss in male mixed martial arts bouts was Cub Swanson who managed to pull off a number of them.


Hip toss type techniques are more commonly used by judoka than wrestlers – wrestlers tend to put an accent on freestyle type takedowns such as single leg or double leg while leg grabs have been banned in judo for a couple of years so takedowns tend to focus on top body control points.