(Video) Sumo Wrestler JUMPS to stun opponent into defeat

Sumo wrestling is a competitive sport featuring athletes who try to force the other one of the circular ring or into touching the ground with anything besides the soles of their feet.

The sport originated in Japan. Japan is the only century to date where it’s practiced professionally. It’s considered a national sport.

The average weight of competitors has increased considerably over time. While the competitors were once on average 125kgs (276lbs) they’re now at 166kg (366 lbs).

The sheer size of the athletes usually discounts the possibility of an athlete jumping – but apparently just that happened recently.

During a recent event something peculiar happened.


The clip shows two competitors were antsy to begin the contest. As soon as the signal is given, one of them tries to level change and go for the leg of his opponent. Seeing this, the opponent leap frogs while grabbing his neck and behind in process.

He effectively stunned his opponent who failed to recover from a takedown attempt and succumbed to the control his flying opponent had.

Oddly the athletic competitor committed an infraction during the interesting stunt – the technique happens to qualify as a technique from behind meaning it counts as a push out as opposed to takedown.